Mezgate II

Safety Gating System for Mezzanine Floors.
Provisional Patent Lodged

Mezgate II

View from ground.

Shows system from floor below
Unit shown is a right hand version:- sliding gate is on right hand side.
Note the front edge member provides protection and additional strength to the edge of the Mezzanine floor, especially for a timber or particle board floor.

Gate system stored 1.

View from mezzanine floor When stored the expanding barrier occupies minimal space.
The barrier may be stored in any convenient position. Refer to next photo.
Sliding gate cannot be opened.

Gate system stored 2.

The loading dock is now secure.
The expanding barrier is now locked to the front railing post of the mezzanine floor.

Ready For forklift load access.
Only when the expanding barrier is in place and locked can the sliding barrier on the front edge of the floor be opened as in this view. Once sliding gate is opened, even if only a few centimetres the free end of expanding barriers is secured in position and cannot be unlocked.

Following the continuous review of design and research of the market the new Mezgate II system satisfies what we at Grandson see as all the technical and market aspects of a Mezzanine safety Gate System.

The new design continues to have all the following attributes of the original Mezgate:-

  1. Robust construction
  2. No limitations on load on pallet- any height of load catered for.
  3. Unique interlocking system where at no time can there be an opening through the system.
  4. The patented locking system ensures one gate is completely closed and locked before the other can be opened.
  5. Ease of operation.

Mezgate II, however has these significant additional attributes:-
  1. The new system requires minimal space on mezzanine floor to operate.
  2. Occupies minimal space on mezzanine floor when not in use.
  3. Can be erected either right hand or left hand or changed on site from one hand to the other.
  4. Requires only pallet depth onto mezzanine floor for systems wider than standard 1500mm. opening.
  5. Openings up to and greater than 3 metres possible if mezzanine floor width permits.
  6. Reduced potential maintenance requirements.
  7. This new system design permits adaptability to much wider field of locations.
  8. The system can be easily adapted to existing sliding doors or roller shutters, in fact we would confidently predict we could adapt this system to any type of existing door system.

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