Safety Gating System for Mezzanine Floor Barriers.
(Provisional Patent Lodged)


View from below.

Shows the system from the floor below.

The front edge member provides protection and additional strength to the edge of the mezzanine floor.

Barrier closed.

View from mezzanine floor.

Fixed fence which does protrude onto the floor occupies minimal space but provides awareness of safety area.
This fence section can be hinged to close against barrier.

Gate closed.

The gate closing to secure area.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No effort to operate.
  • No limit to height of load on pallet.

  • Gate Secure.

    Loading dock secured.

    System employs two interlock methods which provides added degree of safety.
    Gate is locked in at this position ensuring that in no event can the gate be inadvertently opened.

    Barrier open.

    Ready For forklift access.

    Only when the hinged gates are locked can the sliding barrier on the front edge of the floor be opened as in this view.

    Safety and efficiency.
    Whilst safety was paramount in the design, an additional significant criteria was the efficiency of operation. If the unit was too tedious in operation, operators would avoid its use or attempt to bypass the safety system often creating absolute unsafe conditions.

    Ease of use.
    This system is easy to use, no effort is required to perform any of the basic three functions required to use the Gating System. The system operation is totally independent of operators physical strength or physical stature.

    Long term safety - no counter weight or springs.
    The long term safety and operational aspects of the unit are ensured as no springs or counterweights are employed in the design. Heavily loaded springs do break with the possibility of subsequent injury and also rendering operations impossible until replaced. Such occurrences could have dire impact on a warehouse operation.

    Double interlock system.
    The double interlock system provides added security of the floor edge barrier. It would require both systems to fail to produce a potentially unsafe condition.
    The final lock operation also provides additional assurance to the provision of a safe work area.
    The double interlock plus final lock system provides some assurance from malicious damage by personnel who may try to override the safety systems.

    Operation provides and ensures safe conditions.
    The gate sweep ensures the loading bay area is maintained clear for pallet loading and unloading operation. This reduces the risk of injury to warehouse personnel who then do not have to step onto or climb over objects thus avoiding the possibility of falling.

    The system provides protection and added strength to the mezzanine floor.
    The base on which the system is mounted provides significant protection to the front edge of the floor against impact from forklift masts.
    The base is structurally the equivalent of a 100mm by 5mm tee section and can provide significant additional strength to the floor area which is inherently loaded significantly higher by virtue of the concentrated pallet load.

    Floor area intrusion.
    When stored the system encroaches a minimum distance onto the floor. This enables a maximum usage of floor area on the mezzanine floor. The fixed fence section which does protrude onto the floor occupies minimum area but provides awareness of the safety area.

    Total access to pallet.
    The system permits access to the complete width and depth of the pallet. This avoids operators stretching over the pallet or carrying objects whilst being required to walk over the pallet with the associated risks of falling or injury.

    Simple Installation.
    Installation is straight forward and simple. No special tools or equipment required to secure the system to either timber steel or concrete floors. The system is supplied in dismantled form where each item can be easily handled by an individual.
    Grandson Pty. Ltd. provides comprehensive instructions complete with exploded drawings and illustrations to ensure installation is carried out correctly and speedily.

    Minimal Maintenance.
    Minimal maintenance is required once the unit is installed and set. The unit is supplied basically lubricated for life.

    Personnel Training.
    As with all items installed on premises which provide safer working conditions it is the responsibility of management to ensure all personnel are trained in the operation and use of such equipment.
    The design and subsequent ease of use of this system enables training to require minimum time and the simplicity of the system ensures that refresh training is also minimised.

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